Have you recently lost a loved one?


At Telfer & Associates Inc., we understand how important it is to facilitate the speedy and efficient devolving of deceased estates to the selected beneficiaries at a very difficult time.

Regardless of whether a Last Will and Testament exists or not, the estate of the deceased individual needs to be reported to the Master of the High Court and dealt with accordingly. Our empathetic team have the commitment, expertise and resources to administer deceased estates professionally and efficiently in as short a time as possible, to assist you in dealing with the wishes and assets of the recently deceased individual.


Our qualified team of professionals are also able to assist you with the vitally import task of drawing up a valid Will.


Our experts will assist you with all aspects in the Administration of Deceased Estates, including:

  • Reporting the Estate to the Master;
  • Establishing the value of the estate;
  • Drafting the necessary documents;
  •  Arranging the necessary advertisements;
  • Closing of bank accounts and transferring shares, immovable property etc.;
  • Consulting with heirs, if necessary;
  • Distributing the estate to the heirs;
  • Obtaining Master’s closure notice.
  • Donations


Allow us to support you each and every step of the way by winding up the Deceased Estate with confidence.




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